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At Kruger Asia Industries, we are proud of our Singapore and Swiss heritage. Since the 1980s to 2014, Singapore has been manufacturing thousands of units per month to be sold in Switzerland.

In 2015, we moved manufacturing facilities from Singapore to our brand new 70,000 square-foot factory in Sinsakhon Industrial Estate, Samut Sakhon, Thailand

The Concept of Interior Laundry Drying

Europe to Asia

From Europe to Asia

In the past, our laundry dryers and dehumidifiers are mostly sold in Switzerland. The laundry dryers are used in interior drying rooms. The concept of interior laundry drying in drying rooms is well-established in Europe. We believe South Asia's warm tropical climate is well suited for this concept as well. Countries in South Aisa are beset by either the Northeast Monsoon (Nov - Jan) or the Southeast Monsoon (June - Sept).

During monsoon months, the endless rain severely hinders laundry drying, or anything else for that matter. During the non-monsoon months, relative humidity is also high. A small 2mx1m drying room powered by our energy-efficent laundry dryer would easily solve the laundry drying problem. Check out how our current customers use our laundry dryers for interior drying.