Basic Installation

Mobile Shelves

We provide sturdy and rust-proof aluminium shelves for our dehumidifiers so you can conveniently wheel the units to a suitable location. These shelves can be customized for the ideal height and conveniently holds a 25L water bucket if needed.

Wall Mounting

Secomat units can be wall mounted to any elevation to a solid concrete wall to save space on the ground.


With every purchase of a dehumidifier, you will receive a complimentary hygrometer. Our hygrometers are selected for high accuracy (+/- 2%). You will always know if your room is being maintained at the target RH with our hygrometers.


If you wish to turn/off your dehumidifiers and clothes dryers at specified time of the day or specific duration, we provide a handy timer for such purpose. For example, if you intend to run your dehumidifiers nonstop, you can let the units rest for 1 hour for every 48 hours of work to increase longevity of the units.

Basic Drainage Options

For customers who do not have easy access to direct drainages, we offer free water buckets of at least 25L. For situations that allow direct drainage, we offer 2 hours of free labour for your basic drainage options.