Secomat Laundry Dryer and Dehumidifier

Best of swiss engineering - All in one machine

We Outdry

Kruger Secomat

With max air flow rate of 1400m3/h, Secomat outblow and outdry our competitors. We all know laundry dry best under dry and windy conditions. Secomat provides the strong and dry wind needed to dry your laundry indoors.

Kruger Secomat has delivers strong powerful wind to dry your laundry

Ordinary Dehumidifier

Some dehumidifiers claim to be clothes dryers, but do a quick "flap" test - does the clothes flap even at 1m? If it does not pass the flap test, come try our Secomat laundry dryer!

Store-bought dehumidifiers does not compare when it comes to blowing and drying

We Outlast

You will get a lot more mileage from our Secomat than any store-bought dehumidifiers.
Secomat will keep going and going and going..... long past the expiration of the other dehumidifiers.

Kruger Secomat dehumidifiers outlast other dehumidifiers

We Outperform

EU energy label Kruger Secomat rated A

Based on EU Energy label standards for condensation clothes dryer, Secomat dryers are rated (A) - the most energy efficent category. It costs as little as 10cents/hour to run.
With the same amount of electricity, Secomat will extract 2-3 times more water compared to other dehumidifiers.

Kruger Secomat Dehumidifiers extract 2-3 times more water