We Manufacture Our Own Dehumidifiers

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Experts in Humidity and Humidity Control

We design, build prototypes and manufacture our own dehumidifiers and clothes dryers. Each product is tested extensively in our temperature and humidity-control laboratories. With our very own OEM experience and expertise, we can offer professional consultation.

In addition, all dehumidifiers are designed to attain the highest EU energy efficiency level. They are also extremely durable and sturdy, offering years of service before repair is needed.

Secomat Thinking

Customized Solutions

With our own factories and equipment, we offer customized solutions for any application. We can build shelves, install pumps, run electrical lines, install controllers and sensors. Check out some of the customizations done for our customers.

We can also modify various dehumidifier settings to allow optimal working conditions. For example, settings for a room at 300C will be quite different for a room at 150C.

Secomat Thinking

Designed for Efficiency and Durability

All our dehumidifiers are rated A++ under the EU Energy Efficiency label. It costs about SGD$0.20-$0.30 per hour to run our units. In addition to many years of service before throwing them away, our dehumidifiers are environmentally sustainable.

Secomat Thinking

Repair and Service

Since we manufacture our own dehumidifiers, we have the expertise and spare parts to repair our own dehumidifiers. With our outstanding 3 years of warranty and ability to repair, your dehumidifiers will last decades.

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