The Complete Interior Laundry Drying Solution

With our powerful laundry dryer and automated laundry rack, dry your laundry at your convenience. Rain, Haze, Day or Night. Your laundry will smell fresh and clean.

Just like being hung in the sun!

How does it work?

Hang your clothes just like you would in the sun, but in an enclosed room. Turn on the clothes dryer, shut the door and relax. Your items will dry even if it is pouring rain outside.

Where can you use it?

You can use our laundry dryer in any enclosed space - small to large. Even a small area of 2mx1m would work fine. Why waste a window or balcony to air your laundry? You will not even need a window, but your laundry will smell fresh, just like if it was hung in the sun.

Why use our laundry dryer?


Dry 8kg of clothes in as little as 2-3 hours.

Energy Saving

As little as 10c/hr of electricity to run.


Keep your laundry private in the sanctuary of your home.

Gentle, even drying

Unlike the tumbler dryer, there will be no entangled giant ball of laundry or disintegration of your favorite clothing.

Safe from Elements

Rain, Haze, day or night. Your clothes will dry.

Dry Anything

Dry cushions, shoes, stuffed animals, mattresses that will not fit into the tumbler dryer.

What will it Cost?

Model 7S 10S 15S 20S
Laundry (weight before wash kg) 7.5 10 15 20
PDrying Time (hr) 5.5 3.5 4.5 6
Energy Efficency (kWh/kg of laundry) 0.27 0.3 0.3 0.27
Cost Per Load (cents SGD) 0.52 0.77 1.16 1.39