Professional Consultation

Consult Kruger for humidity control problems

You know you need a dehumidifier but you still have some questions regarding humidity control - what capacity of dehumidifier, moisture load, ideal relative humidity, drainage options, pumps and pipings, automated controls of RH......

Call us for a professional consultation!

What we can do for you:

Our professional consultation always include complimentary site visits

Site Visit

With our free trial, there is always a complimentary site visit. Site visits are crucial for choosing the right dehumidfier, dehumidifier placement, understanding specific room conditions, such as moisture load.

Datalogging is an important way to know if the dehumidifier is working well


We also offer datalogging during the free trial. Datalogging allows us to monitor the RH and Temperature 24/7 every minute.

We will share the results of the datalogging and analyse them as well

Data Analysis

Data from the dataloggers will show if the desired RH has been reached and maintained. Effects from changing environmental conditions such day and night differences, turning on/off air conditioners, will be logged and analyzed.